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September 13, 2011


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If I were to record a transcript between me and my friends it would be cluttered with individual words and phrases which make up my idiolect. If I were to record a transcript of a conversation between me and my family it would be relatively formal and in Standard English. This range of ways of speaking is unique to humans. Our brains can pick and choose how we speak and write in different situations. I would not write the same way in a text as I would in an English exam. So John humpfreys argument that texting and Facebook is ruining the English language I believe untrue and I think he is very naive to say that. I think that texting and Facebook has added a new side to the way we interact and communicate. It has shown our brains can adapt to modern day changes to communication and shown that humans can change the way they speak and write to different situations.

As a young person who uses both Facebook and SMS I find my English unaffected by text speech. One cannot argue that Facebook and texting is ruining English as neither rule that one must use abbreviations or not use correct grammar. How is facebook or texting “ruining” English? It’s not affecting the English language at all! We don’t have lessons in “how 2 typ lke diss”; we have lessons in Standard English, the way it has always been. Text speech is simply a form of shorthand used for convenience; it will not replace Standard English. It’s a creative sub division of the English language used in non-verbal, electronic communication. “Btw”, “lol”, “ttyl” and “imo” are very useful in shortening long messages and thus decreasing the delay in conversation - I can assure you that there is nothing more annoying than a slow typist! Text speech is often associated with illiterate teenagers however it is much more complex then one would imagine. I often find myself de-coding overly creative text language, for example: “4 my hwk: imho txt spch is rly kl. Its rly cr8ive nd can b hrd 2 read coz its rly cmplex”

We are now reaching a point where today’s young adults have spent their entire lives with access to internet messaging and mobile phones. Are this generation a bumbling bunch of fools incapable of stringing together a coherent sentence in Standard English, unable to differentiate between appropriate forms of communication? As proven by my previous sentence, the answer to this is an unequivocal and definite no. Exam results continue to soar and today’s young doctors and lawyers are perfectly capable of talking in an articulate fashion. Is John Humphreys not able to consider the possibility that people are able to separate out the language that is appropriate for various situations? Or is this because he himself is incapable of such a feat?

I strongly disagree with this statement, as there is no such thing as ‘ruining English’. The language has to change with the times in order to stay in use. The reason English has survived and spread so rapidly over the world is due to its ability to adapt to every situation, and to evolve according to what is easier to say/write, or the fashionable way to say/write words. We don’t still speak like Henry VIII, or type emails in the style of Shakespeare, and why should we? The beauty of language is that it can be shaped according to the time, the circumstance and the individual, and that is how it should remain. Texting and Facebook have revolutionised communication and changed society forever. The evolution of any language is something to be encouraged, not complained about. As George Bernard Shaw said, “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

John Humphrys, whom Shaw was no doubt referring to, scolds the Oxford English Dictionary for removing the hyphen from ‘no fewer than 16,000 words’. He’s missing a hyphen in his ‘weekends’.
(I'm not sure if my first version posted)

John Humphrys’ makes a fatal error in his argument against modern text speak of the young generation. The English language is constantly changing and evolving. 400 years ago ‘standard English’ was a lot different than the so called Standard English of today. If English didn’t ever develop then we would be speaking considerably different to today’s English. The language John Humphrys’ uses in his argument have been developed many times from the original English language, so he contradicts himself. The English language cannot be wrecked or destroyed, it can only be changed. Development of a language occurs naturally, so I don’t see why we should oppose it.

Did you know that the question: 'Is there are new way to change your facebook picture or something?' is now to be written: 'Is der a nw way 2 chnge ur fb pic or suttin?' because apparently, if written as the former, not one person on facebook will understand what you are talking about. Try asking for the definition of Standard English from facebook user Rizzy Badman and let me know how disappointed you are on a scale of one to ten.

The world of social networking has been slowly pulling the English language down a cliff, ever since the invention of such websites as: myspace, bebo and now the internet phenomenon- facebook. Is it necessary to abbreviate every common phrase (such as cba- can't be arsed) and to create completely new and totally incomprehensible words (such as nang- amazing) to replace words already perfectly adequate? This new written language (I like to call it TJIMSA- This Just Isn't Making Sense Anymore) has been training the youth of today to speak as if their brain never quite finished developing and is choking our famous reputation for impeccable grammar and vocabulary half to death.

Language has never stayed the same, it most likely never will. People are constantly finding new ways to simplify and improve communication methods; increasing the amount of storage on a hard drive or shortening the amount of time it takes to send a text, and this is something to be proud of. It’s not lazy abbreviating words; it’s intelligent. The English Dictionary hasn’t gone anywhere, words and phrases still exist; we’re just using initials to represent them. Referring to people whom text as ‘rapists’ is highly offensive and frankly shows a lack of understanding for the subject, in fact they’re people with most likely more knowledge on the English language then Mr. Humphries.

It may be true that The Three Muskateers never said A41A1FA (all for one and one for all), but who uses ‘thou’ and ‘thee’ in their everyday language anymore, I bet he doesn’t.

To think that Facebook and texting is ruining English is a little overstatement. I think that Facebook and texting only changes the way people talk on facebook or texting, in person people use proper English. Such words as “lol” are used a lot by people on facebook, texting and evening when having an ordinary conversation with a friend, even though this happens it is not an everyday word, it’s just an abbreviation. Not only young people use the texting and facebook, the older generation use it as well. Some peoples parents use “lol” as lots of love however it actually means laugh out loud. This shows that the older generation also use text messaging, however this doesn’t reflect on the way they talk to people. I might use the occasional “tbh” which means to be honest. A few of my friends don’t even know what that means. I do use emoticons when I text and when I use facebook, so what, so do most people my age. I do occasionally write hand written letters to people, and in letters I would never write “tbh” or “lol”. Texting friends, and using facebook are different from emailing and writing a letter. Emailing and writing a letter even to a friend I find that its more formal, although as I have grown older I have started to use less and less of abbreviated words in all forms of communication.
John Humpreys says “Now I find myself slipping into sloppy habits, abandoning capital letters and using rows of dots.” This is what the “younger generation” does as well. I must admit I do use lots of..... dots at certain points online on facebook or texting, but this is not used in formal letters or emails. I think that using abbreviations in emails is really bad and can make someone talk like this “tbh, Imo I think that u r kl” (to be honest, in my opinion I think that you are cool)

The English language is always evolving and developing and isn't static or finite. Becasue of this I find John Humphry's article a bit ridiculous. Surely the point of language is to communicate and to be understood. The key to all of this is to use the appropriate language and register for your audience. For example, it wouldn't be appropriate to text my 'Gr8' grandmother because she simply wouldn't understand, I would obvioulsy choose a style and language she understood eg. standard english. I would however use text speak to my friends. So John Humphrys, in conclusion I'd argue that there's enough room for all types of language. I agree we should preserve traditions (I'm a bit of a traditionalist myself!), but let's make room for new things too. The important thing is to use the appropriate language and style for the situation/audience.

Opinions… opinions… opinions… Living in such a democratic country, opinions are bursting out of every crack and corner endlessly as relentlessly as a little toddler when they see chocolate, but even so we must take a stand to how far these opinions go. What John Humphry has said is like saying the invention of planes is the underlying cause of obesity as people no longer have to walk 1000+km to their destination There is obviously no real connection between the two; no offence, but Humphry, you, seriously need a check-up with the doctor. As the modern world takes a step even further, I can only see that the English of the pupils in school are still at a very high standard, and it is without any doubt that every single pupil in this country are able to acknowledge for whom they are writing- their friends or the teacher/ examiner/ Queen- and the vast majority will very naturally and instinctively adapt their styles of writing accordingly. Is not the recent cutting in education spending coupled with the rise in university fees a much more acceptable, realistic and worrying problem for the continual of the supposedly deteriorating standard of English, as suggested by Humphry? So why does Humphry have the time to write a 1113 word rant when he could use his time much more efficiently writing to David Cameron rather than sit in front of his computer fretting and moaning?

I think the statement “the modern world of facebook and texting is ruining English” is wrong because it is stereotyping young people by saying that we all use text spoken all the time. It is also implying that we would use text speak in normal letters or essay. Also it is saying that using facebook and text is destroying our English when in actual fact we only use it to socialise, and talk to our friends.

English as a language has always been developing and changing. 100 years ago people’s everyday language was a lot different to the so called ‘standard’ English language of today. however the stament does have a point that maybe text speak is taking over our lives in terms that we use our phones to offten and never speak in person. but it is not ruining english completely you would'nt start using text speak in everyday life and use text speak when doing work.

in conclusion i think that this stament is wrong because it is sterotyping all teenagers young men and women making us seem like we never wirte words on paper and only on our computers and phones.

I feel that John Huphrys is making huge accusations. The reason why I think this is because the majority of people, who are able to use Facebook or texting, will have had an education in proper English. This means that English is not being ruined, but simply adapting to modern life. The world moves a lot faster than it used to, so the shortening of words is necessary. Maybe that’s what’s apparently ruining English; not enough time.

There are certain side effects of Facebook and texting, which I think are having a negative impact on the English language. For example, shortenings of words used in Facebook and texting, then being used in face-to-face conversations i.e. LOL. Another side effect is incorrect use of words, ‘Then he done this...’ The sentence still makes sense, but is incorrect.

In order to post my paragraph a minute ago I, ironically, had to text a friend to ask what the blog address had changed to. To then be told that should check another friends facebook status to find out because they had asked earlier on that day. So without facebook and texting I would have been unable to do my English homework at all.

The argument made by John Humphrys is that texters ‘are destroying it: pillaging our punctuation; savaging our sentences; raping our vocabulary’ but it’s not only teenagers developing our language to new levels; it’s the vast majority of the population. Language has never stayed the same, people are constantly finding new ways to simplify and improve communication methods and this is something to be proud of. It’s not lazy abbreviating words, it’s intelligent. Our language is constantly changing and has been for thousands of years, so the English that John Humphry is using has also been developed before, which means he is being hypocritical when implying he uses correct English. Also, there is only very few people that still use text language such as ‘IMHO’ to say ‘in my honest opinion’, I think this is an exaggeration.

I use both facebook and texting on a regular basis but still am very capable of speaking proper English but I do occasional find myself using acronyms in some of my conversations, such as ‘lol’ or ‘cba’. Although this is of course influenced but text language, they would only ever be used in informal situations such as talking with friends and would not come up in formal conversations such as with adults. This simply shows that us teenagers nowadays, although spending a lot of time texting or on facebook, are very capable of changing our dialect in different everyday situations.

In John Humphreys article, his description of our text language use is very unrealistic and I for one do not change every word in my texting or facebook chatting to an abbreviation, acronym or so on. With a different time of upbringing to us, without facebook or mobile phones, John Humphreys may not realize that teenagers nowadays have adapted to different styles of speech and forms of communication, and are not ruining, but instead evolving and expanding the English spoken language.

I agree with the article in a few of the finer points, I feel that in some ways it is sad that people are no longer speaking and writing in full English, but I feel that it is foolish to try and stop something that will happen anyway, I think ranting about it does little to change what is happening. One thing I do find however is communicating with someone who is using “chatspeak” is very unrewarding, it makes you feel as though they do not have time to add an extra “e” or “f” because they have so many other more important things to be doing. I guess we may end up communicating in short grunting words but I feel that it is a long way off from that.

I highly disagree with this statement. First of all a lot of people use predictive speak in their text, and for those who don’t do you really think they would start saying ‘GR8’ and ‘U R’ in their exams? I don’t use predictive text and I find it quicker to not come up with abbreviations and to use ‘Standard English’.
To use ‘text speak’ means you think differently like when speaking other languages. An ‘exam’ mindset is completely different to a foreign language or ‘text speak’ mindset. You rarely ever see people accidently slipping into a foreign language in an exam, even when English is their second language.

'The modern world of Facebook and texting is ruining English'

I think it’s completely absurd to say that Facebook and texting is changing the English language. In John Humphry’s article on this subject, he refers to the younger generation as a whole, saying that the majority of teenagers speak differently to the older generation because of mobile phones and internet.

This is not only false but completely immature; as there are lots of different factors in someone’s life that affect the way they talk and communicate. For instance, the environment that the child is brought up in, not only affects their personality but the way they speak the English language, therefore, even if they possess a mobile phone in the future it does not mean that that product is the reason that they talk in ‘text language’.
In fact, I have a mobile phone and I talk to friends on Facebook frequently, but I use correct spelling and punctuation which most people of the older generation would approve of.
Yes, I do use emoticons! But communicating via internet and text can be completely different to verbal communication. Just because a certain type of writing is used in one situation doesn’t mean that it has to be the only way of communicating. Facebook and texting may be used by others, who abuse the English language and talk slag, but everyone else who doesn’t can’t be judged because of them and therefore the ‘younger generation’ should not be treated as lazy and inconsiderate human beings.

(A little offensive - just a bit of fun)

Whether you favour the use of text speak or not, I believe it can be adapted to suite the needs of everybody, from babies to the old nearing their death beds. Who says that text speak should just be for teens and young adults? Maybe the cause of all this uproar is merely our elderly peers resentment of not being able to use these abbreviations and emoticons without the fear of scrutiny from the people around them. So here they are, the new ways for the old to express themselves without the stress of writing them out in full.

SOL - Shout out loud. For those times when jeering a walking stick just won’t suffice, here is the foolproof way to get your opinion across.

ROFAFOMS - Rolling on the floor after falling off my scooter. Had an accident while on the way home from buying the groceries? Now there’s an abbreviation for it.

LMAOAFWICIR - Laughing my ass off after forgetting why I came in the room. When your short term memory fails you, here is the method of simply laughing the incident off.
“My Alzheimers really got to me yesterday, I just couldn’t help LMAOAFWICIRing.”

It’s time our friend Mr Humphrys got with the times. Even if he doesn’t use any ‘text’ language or even use any of the new editions up above, he should just let time take its course and not complain about every little detail of modern life he dislikes. While I don’t personally use any of these abbreviations, I find it hard to see why using an innocent ‘ROFL‘ occasionally can stir so much anger up. After all, statistics show that 40% of us are guilty of that ‘crime’.

“The modern world of Facebook and texting is ruining English”

I disagree with this statement for several reasons. When you listen to everyday conversations, acronyms and abbreviations considered “textspeak” rarely infiltrate the spoken language, mainly because they are just a shorthand for what would be a lengthy sentence. For example, btw stands for by the way. Nobodies going to spell out “ B T W” when they speak, because that would be pointless and weird. One acronym, lol, has stopped literally meaning what it did originally (laugh out loud) and become a word of its own, to suggesting light-hearted/humorous conversation. If this does start being used in everyday speech, it will simply be another filler, like “like” “er” except more useful because it has at least some meaning. I don’t see the problem.

To see John Humphrys ranting about abbreviations while simultaneously professing his undying love for the OED (which, in case you don’t know, stands for the Oxford English Dictionary - an abbreviation he seems to have no problem with using) brings a slight smile to my face. It’s the fallback excuse, but it does appear that there’s an essence of truth to it. People who can’t grasp modern technology feel the need to tell everyone exactly why it should be eradicated.
I get it; change is scary. Watching young people surge ahead of you with their LOLs and the LMFAOs must be unsettling, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it leaves you cowering within the pages of your beloved dictionaries. Quick, easy messages become terrifying codes that require time and effort to decipher. I’m no lover of text-speak (I prefer to use proper grammar and full words when I text) but even I can see that there’s no harm in someone abbreviating one word in a fifty word message. To imply that we can’t see the difference between using text-speak on the internet and then in an essay is ludicrous. Admittedly, there’s always an anomaly (who’s English assessments probably look something like Shakespeare wuz gr8) but the majority of sharp-minded, bright individuals can quite easily see that using ‘gr8’ to describe Shakespeare is just not what our examiners are looking for.
Context is massive part of understanding and utilising language - what better way for us to learn that than by trying out different words in a variety of situations? Imagine if children never learned to use a different tone with their friends and their grandparents; family dinners would become a feared occasion, rife with tension and inappropriate comments. People aren’t one factory issue model, they’re multi-faceted. Each person - to a point - moulds themselves around the people they’re interacting with. We all employ a spectrum of tones and vocabulary to whip out at our disposal depending on where we are and who we’re with. Facebook is just one of those many situations, and so people bring out their ‘Facebook voice.’ It’s a time where the occasional misspelling won’t be penalised and an emoticon will brighten a short message instead of being starkly out of place. Expression is emphasised - Facebook creates a space where we can all write exactly what’s on our mind without worrying that a less than stellar grade will end up attached to it. Let’s be honest - outside of school work, the majority of our writing is social. No one wants to feel like they’re being judged constantly - but when every smiley face is frowned upon we can’t help but feel that way.

Maybe a bit long? Sorry.

The English language has constantly evolved over time. Throughout the ages the English language has changed in many ways, so why does John Humphrys disagree with the further evolution of language. The new generation perfectly understand all the abbreviations, so why not use them if it saves you that little bit of extra time? In the future, the English standard, in writing, may have transformed from “In my humble opinion I think text messaging is great” to “IMHO opinion I think txt msging is gr8”.
However, I agree there will be many misunderstandings with many abbreviations- as IMHO could be translated to “I make honey omelettes”, which will obviously lead to a strange reply. But in some ways these misunderstandings can be pleasant, as many people believe that their children are sending them lots of love rather than laughter. In my opinion text language is not degrading the level of English, it’s just a way of writing Standard English using less characters. I imagine that text language only evolved as humans became lazy we wanted to save as much energy by just putting a “u” for “you”, trying to shorting a word to one letter or a phrase to only one word, but only if it was possible to decode it afterwards. So really text messaging is only a shortened, lazy version of Standard English, because what’s the difference between “text message” and “txt msg”? Apart from the fact that one is shorter than the other.

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